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The art of trading crypto has never been more complicated than now. With so many options to choose from, traders are finding it difficult to keep track of their crypto holdings. While crypto markets expand at an exponential rate, so does the risk of dabbling in crypto without proper management. There are currently few to no transparent crypto management portfolio solutions that also generate real yield.

That is where Flynt Finance comes into the picture as a revolutionary portfolio management platform with effective options strategies. Flynt Finance and its team are working on creating a backtested, reliable, and innovative hub of financial products. Let us take a deep dive into what this platform stands for and see how useful it is in reality.

Origin of Flynt Finance

Participants in the crypto market have become more aware of the benefits of yield-generating protocols in recent years. Using yield farming capabilities, people have realized substantial gains despite the relentless crypto winter. But the dark side of yield generation is the unforeseen risks related to one’s security. To change this narrative and provide a hassle-free yield-generating experience to all crypto enthusiasts, a team of blockchain experts created Flynt Finance.

Introduced in 2022, Flynt Finance is the brainchild of a team of blockchain industry veterans who have been working on various projects since 2015. According to the official website, the executives at Flynt Finance were previously operators of a crypto derivatives exchange. Their experience in crypto asset management and custodial services has allowed them to create a platform with the potential to lead the industry.

Key Features

  • Finding a safe and trustworthy yield product in the market is close to impossible. But to fulfill this need, Flynt Finance has three backtested yield-generating strategies that could provide around 20–80% APY on BTC and ETH. ATH yield week for BTC was 1.375% which is approximately 103% APY, according to the available information.This one-of-a-kind platform is a one-stop solution for crypto market participants who need a reliable portfolio manager. Flynt Finance allows you to enable two-factor authentication for increased security of your crypto assets.
  • Using Flynt is easy because it is a blockchain-agnostic platform. This means there is no need to switch chains and/or pay exorbitant gas fees to make use of this platform.
  • The company and its owners believe in financial freedom, so they are preparing numerous upcoming crypto-finance-related products. But what’s even more reassuring is the fact that the strategies offered are all backtested, reviewed, and reliable.
  • The kind of APY offered by Flynt is not only unheard of but also easy to implement. Owing to a user-friendly interface, this platform has unlocked a way to put one’s crypto holdings to work and earn from yield farming.

Flynt Finance Products & Strategies

Now let us take a look at the products and strategies offered by Flynt.

The strategy known as “BTC covered calls x5” is said to be a simple but brave one to implement. It combines options and leverage on crypto, which is usually seen as a recipe for disaster. However Flynt minimizes the risk by turning it into a systematic weekly OTM call selling below a specified delta. The goal is to max out the number of BTC by collecting premiums from selling weekly call options.

Being option-based, this strategy might seem aggressive. This strategy is only for those who have a high-risk tolerance because it leads to a significant drawdown when losses occur.

This strategy is similar to the above-mentioned one, apart from a few obvious differences. For example, this strategy works for systematic short-term trades in Ethereum, and the OTM call options are shorted once or twice weekly. This one is a far more standard strategy as compared to the Bitcoin strategy, but it works similarly to it.

In this strategy, there is a maximum limit to leverage, which is 2x. According to Flynt, both of the strategies involving BTC and ETH occur on two different trading venues. Deribit and Paradigm (block trades) are the chosen trading venues for these strategies.

This one generates yield from GMX’s GLP token by neutralizing any underlying delta exposure. The GLP token acts as a liquidity pool for GMX, a well-known crypto derivatives exchange. Being a delta-neutralizing strategy, it goes on in a continuous loop, where any profit or loss is accounted for only once a week (on Wednesdays). It should be noted that subscribing to this product is like investing in a basket of assets that include BTC, ETH, UNI, stablecoins, and LINK.

This means that all deposits and withdrawals take place on the same day. But what makes this offering different from others is its frequent rebalancing to maintain delta neutrality. Though every strategy comes with its own set of risks, Flynt Finance platform makes sure to share all the information with their subscribers prior to any commitment.

flynt finance 2

The Flynt Finance crypto portfolio is another simple yet innovative product offered by this company. But currently, there is not much information available on this.

The wallet is a dedicated product offered by Flynt Finance, which one can avail after a simple sign-up process. What’s interesting is that Flynt is a partner of Fireblocks, a known leader of asset custody in the crypto world.

Promotions: Referrals

At the time of its launch in 2022, Flynt Finance announced a limited-period promotion to protect the initial investment of users. The principal protected products were available for all alpha users, ensuring that their losses would be covered directly by the company.

As of now, there is a referral program going on for Flynt Finance subscribers. Using this program, any user and their friend could earn money on the platform. A user only needs to invite their acquaintances to Flynt via a link and earn around 50% of Flynt’s revenue (which is for a limited time as it was originally 25%). Referred users receive a 10% discount on the performance fee of the platform and a chance to earn BTC on their first deposit.

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Security Measure: 2FA authentication

Security protocols are a primary concern in the world of crypto. Flynt and its team understand that, which is why they have added an option to set up 2FA for users. This can be done by using the Flynt app directly from the OTP settings and following the steps as they pop up.


  • Market-leading yields with low risk
  • 2FA authentication and sustainable yield
  • 3 yield strategies and an upcoming Vega staking
  • Highly transparent
  • Fully backed strategies
  • It is still a very new entry in the market.
  • Strategies offered are not risk-free.
  • The platform has a limited number of products as of now.

Bottom Line

To summarize, we can say that Flynt Finance is a budding new crypto portfolio management platform. However, its main attractions are its backtested, low-risk, and high-yield strategies. These are easy to subscribe to and have simple steps to follow, making them beginner-friendly. What’s more is that Flynt is already available via the Android application, and its team is working on an upcoming Vega staking product.

While the crypto market’s ups and downs are relentless, yield farming has become an easy way to earn by making your crypto holdings work. From this perspective, Flynt Finance seems like a promising platform to start your journey by paying a 20% performance fee.flynt finance image 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Flynt Finance app is currently only available for Android devices, but an iOS version is in the works.For BTC covered calls x5: 0.001 BTC

For ETH covered calls +⍺: 0.01 ETH

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Flynt Finance is a revolutionary portfolio management platform offering effective options strategies and yield-generating protocols. It provides a backtested, reliable, and innovative hub of financial products, with two-factor authentication for increased security. Subscribers can earn up to 80% APY on BTC and ETH, with a minimum subscription amount of 0.001 BTC and 0.01 ETH respectively. The platform is currently available on Android, with an iOS version in the works.


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