MegaWorld Land Gameplay on BNB Chain Starts February 15, 2023

In recent years, Web 3.0 games have taken the world by storm, providing players with a revolutionary new feature of provable digital assets ownership and trading. MegaWorld has taken it to a whole new level with player-constructed NFT buildings, powered by resources produced by other players in their NFT buildings – rendering all the operations on smart contracts deployed on three independent blockchains and two sidechains.

This year, MegaWorld is embarking on a grand journey – a quest to establish a new city in a vast and intricate virtual world. This is no ordinary city but a metropolis built on the foundation of strategy governed by the players themselves.


The first district in MegaWorld – formerly MegaCryptoPolis – was opened back in May 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain. In the early days, the game was just a simple 2D map.

Players were purchasing land plots and constructing buildings to gather maximum ‘influence points.’ They had a vision of what this city could become, and they were determined to be a part of it.

In 2019, MegaWorld had evolved to a fully-fledged 3D virtual city with complex microeconomics and expanded to the TRON Network, which allowed for even more players to join the game and experience the excitement of building.

As the game progressed, players began to develop their unique strategies. Some focused on acquiring adjacent fields of land, flipping buildings, maximizing production and constructing mega skyscrapers while others chose to rent and build smaller, more efficient buildings.

At the end of 2022, MegaWorld announced its expansion to the BNB Chain. This new virtual city not only offered opportunities to explore and build on a large scale – it also demonstrated the long-awaited custom buildings feature and gameplay mechanics to a new cohort of free-to-play players.

Interconnected economics

The first land plots on the BNB Chain become available for acquisition in district #304, opened in December 2022. Auction for the first player-governed BNB city district #305 finished in January 2023 after receiving 16 bids. Over 1,300 land plots were acquired by players waiting for the construction to start.

On February 15, 2023, players will be able to construct all types of functional buildings, points of interest and public transport on the acquired BNB Chain land plots.

Starting Q1 2023, materials produced on the BNB Chain will be required by players on other chains. For example, buildings in Ethereum city will ask for concrete created exclusively from TRON and plastic from BNB in order to be constructed and maintained.

In order to facilitate cross-chain trading, an airport will be introduced to allow assets transfers between cities. Airport transfers will require a ticket paid in MEGA – depending on the type of cargo, the direction of travel and the congestion of the airport.

BNB starter packs

To provide players with initial assets to build on BNB Chain, a limited number of 2,200 starter packs will become available in the official store on February 2. Prices starting from 0.25 BNB are hardcoded to rise one percent every day for 99 days or until sold out.

All the BNB Ppcks come with ‘generation A’ citizens featuring exclusive branded outfits – in addition, a chance for a unique collectible NFT pet and 20 supercars to be revealed in the packs.

The first players to acquire packs will be able to establish production on BNB City land plots starting February 15. Selected packs feature new compounds and paper resources that may come in handy in the upcoming cross-chain dependency upgrade in Q1 2023.

About MegaWorld

MegaWorld is a massively multiplayer Web 3.0 city builder strategy game with real economics running on smart contracts since 2018.

Players acquire land plots and construct buildings to produce resources that are required by other buildings to operate, which facilitates trading between players. Every game asset is an NFT that is owned by a player, while every action in the game is a transaction on a blockchain.

Main content of the article:

MegaWorld is an innovative Web 3.0 game that allows players to own and trade digital assets, build NFT buildings, and construct a metropolis governed by strategic players. It began in 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain, and has since expanded to the TRON and BNB Chains. The BNB Chain launched in December 2022 and players are now able to construct buildings, points of interest, and public transport. Materials produced on the BNB Chain will be required in other cities. Additionally, starter packs are available with exclusive branded outfits, collectible NFT pets, and supercars. This is a revolutionary game that is sure to be an exciting journey for all players.


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