Israel’s Most Successful Web3 Businesses Collaborate To Host ETHTLV For Builders In The Crypto Community

Israel’s Most Successful Web3 Businesses Collaborate To Host ETHTLV For Builders In The Crypto Community

Web3 powerhouses in Israel have come together to hold the first annual ETHTLV to invigorate the country’s thriving startup community.

According to the announcement, this partnership seeks to accomplish three key objectives: establish the community’s foothold in the global web3 scene, revitalize the country’s thriving startup community, and discuss the next steps to be taken by Web3 to onboard the next billion users.

ETHTLV will be packed with workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions that will complement more than a dozen community-led side events. The one-week event will reportedly run from February 1, 2023, to February 9, 2023. During this period, attendees will learn from serial entrepreneurs who have thrived to become authorities in the Web3 space. These entrepreneurs include ConseSys, Fireblocks, StarkWave, MarketAcross, and Collider.

Established by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, ConsenSys is a market-leading blockchain technology company. On February 8, ConsenSys’ leading self-custodial Web3 wallet MetaMask, will host a hands-on development workshop.

On the other hand, StarkWare focuses on scaling Ethereum using Zero-Knowledge Rollups. The company was founded by cryptographic experts Uri Kolodny and Eli Ben-Sasson. Starkware sessions will be held from February 5 to 6, focusing on the L2 scalability network.

Fireblocks is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world and the highest-valued blockchain infrastructure company. The company was founded by cybersecurity veterans Idan Ofrat, Pavel, and  Michael Shaulov.

Founded by Adam Benayoun, Ofer Rotem, and Avishay Ovadia, Collider is reportedly Israel’s biggest web3 native venture capital fund. Lastly, MarketAcross is a leading global blockchain marketing and public reactions firm created to help build leading blockchain brands such as Polygon, Polkadot,, and Binance.

MarketAcross, Fireblocks, and Collider will share expertise and knowledge from entrepreneurs who have successfully built and deployed services and products in Web3.

Commenting on  the event, Dror Avieli, VP of Customer Success at ConsenSys, stated:

“We are excited to be part of the EthTLV week. Tel Aviv has a vibrant and innovative tech environment. We are looking forward to meeting some of the most creative developers and progressive technologists who can help us build the next generation of Web3 dApps and solutions, as well as strengthening our relationship with partners like Starkware and Fireblocks.”

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Israel’s first annual ETHTLV event is a week-long celebration of web3 technology. It will bring together leading companies such as ConsenSys, Fireblocks, StarkWave, MarketAcross, and Collider to discuss the next steps of onboarding the next billion users. Attendees will learn from entrepreneurs who have become authorities in the Web3 space and participate in workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions. They will also have the opportunity to meet some of the most creative developers and technologists and build the next generation of Web3 dApps and solutions.


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