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Dogecoin's Future Could Follow This Bullish Trajectory To $1 DOGE Price Thanks To Elon Musk

Social media platform Twitter has suspended the popular Dogecoin tipping bot that allowed users to tip creators in the leading meme-inspired cryptocurrency. Some fervent members of the DOGE community are now urging Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, to check into it. The billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla/SpaceX CEO has been a major advocate for the coin.

Dogecoin Tipping Bot Suspended

An account created for a bot that facilitated Twitter-native tipping using Dogecoin has been suspended. A Twitter user going by the name Dogecoin Designer observed that Twitter had suspended the DOGE tipping bot “for no reason”.

The user tagged Elon Musk while noting that the bot was a great way to circulate the token across the community. In particular, this bot let users send DOGE-denominated tips to their favourite content creators.

Another Dogecoin enthusiast, MyDogeCTO, posited that since Twitter has discontinued the only tool that allowed sending DOGE seamlessly to other users, the social media giant “better be building something AWESOME for dogecoin.” If the company does not add DOGE micropayments and tipping features, he further suggested, it would be a massive slap in the face for the DogeArmy.

Notably, tips introduce Dogecoin to Twitter’s ecosystem. Dogecoiners have remained hopeful that with Musk being the new owner of Twitter, it’s only a matter of time before the microblogging platform begins to adopt the meme coin in one capacity or the other.

Most recently, news emerged that Elon Musk plans to accommodate crypto in an upcoming Twitter payments system. The company has already started the application process for state-based regulatory licenses across the United States, which would allow it to introduce payments to the platform. Many Dogecoin superfans speculate that DOGE will be involved in some way.

Still, whether Musk implements Dogecoin payments on Twitter in the near future is anybody’s guess.

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Twitter has recently suspended the popular Dogecoin tipping bot, which allowed users to tip content creators in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency. This has prompted fervent members of the Dogecoin community to call on Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, to look into the issue. Musk has been a major advocate of Dogecoin, and many are speculating that it will be included in a new payments system on the platform. Whether this will be the case remains to be seen.


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