Crypto Exchange To List This Gaming Token Next

oinbase recently issued a public announcement on the addition of a new token into the listing plan for their cryptocurrency exchange. This particular Coinbase news comes as a direct result of the exchange’s primary mission, which is to serve as a connection to the world of Web3. Even though the specific date of the listing has not been made public just yet, it’s anticipated that it will be within the following few weeks.

Coinbase’s Latest Addition

The California-headquartered crypto exchange is in the process of expanding its range of tradable assets by adding the NFT-based crypto game “Voxies”. The native cryptocurrency of the project, VOXELS, is a polygon-based utility token that allows players to purchase weapons, armor, and other in-game items.

Users of Voxies, the role-playing game project built on blockchain technology, can play Voxie Tactics and make use of the VOXEL token, thereby increasing their chances of winning rewards in the process. With a circulating supply of 103 million tokens, the digital asset recently saw a significant price uptick upon the coinbase announcement. VOXEL is presently trading for $0.385, which represents a growth of 23.73% over the past 24 hours in contrast to a gain of 17.38% over the last seven days.

The centralized exchange also announced a few days back, that it would be adding Liquid Staked ETH or LSETH token in short, which has a market cap of $5.6 Bn. Earlier, it added ERC-20-based cryptocurrencies Audius (AUDIO), Threshold (T), and Axelar (AXL) to its portfolio after being added to their listing roadmap.

Coinbase Listing Details

The crypto tokens that an exchange like Coinbase adds to its roadmap are those that it plans to support on its platform in the near future. However, transfers and exchanges of these assets are not yet supported until an official listing is created. Despite the fact that Coinbase states that coins on the roadmap list may still be removed or may not be included at all due to a variety of different reasons, certain altcoins do eventually end up being added to its list of supported crypto assets.

Coinbase recently announced that it would be proceeding with the official listing of the Axelar (AXL) token. And, as per the official announcement, trading would commence on February 7 at 9 AM PT. AXL will be initially paired with USD for trade, with future integrations in the pipeline.

The Coinbase roadmap was designed with the objective of reducing insider trading and enhancing transparency surrounding the exchange’s listing procedure.

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Coinbase recently announced the addition of a new token, VOXELS, to its listing plan. VOXELS is a polygon-based utility token used in the NFT-based crypto game “Voxies”, and has a circulating supply of 103 million tokens. The exchange also announced the listing of Liquid Staked ETH (LSETH) and other ERC-20-based cryptocurrencies. Trading of AXL token will commence on February 7, with USD pairing. The Coinbase roadmap is designed to reduce insider trading and increase transparency.


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